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2020-01-08 00:11  www.rockfishriot.com


In addition to the monthly credit card bills sent on time, the annual, Alipay bill is coming again. Today, the Alipay official issued a notice:\" Annual bill, see you on Monday. \".


Many netizens replied, after reading the bill, only to know how much money, the price is so high. Someone else said it wasn't there. I had a Tuesday. The key also said that, afraid of him not to come, and afraid of his nonsense, it seems that the friend in 2019 did not buy a bunch of not, but Alipay to say a oh, you have to be careful.


In fact, even if the Alipay annual bill has not come out, you can also from the major payment app to find their own year to the end of the loss of how many things, see the number may be really scared ah!


As early as the double eleven, and Alipay linked to the Taobao has been sent a special bill. In Taobao home page search \"my double 11 record\" you can see how much money you chopped during the double 11 activities, judging from what you buy what kind of person you are, and so on.


On december 31st jingdong opened its annual bill, checking the portal on the jingdong app's home page or searching directly for \"annual bills\" to see how much it cost this year.


In WeChat Pay, you can see how much you spend each month on spending revenue in 2019, or you can check how much is the biggest monthly expense. (To borrow the words of a friend: since the WeChat, Alipay, and opened a small amount of secret-free payment, brush face payment, I do not know how much money I spent, only know that the salary has never been enough. No more than 10 dollars in cash in the pocket, but the money has not been broken, spend really too fast ah, how to do? )


And in Alipay, also can inquire oneself this year monthly expenditure detail, see this expenditure curve, have a kind of oneself monthly income increment illusion, look at income again, just know, originally a bit of income is not enough! This is all the more to look forward to see how Alipay's annual bills evaluate their own consumption this year, after all, the money has been spent, regret will not be given to you.


Recalling January 8,2019, Alipay released the 2018 bill, opened the Alipay App, and clicked on \"I \"-\" Bill \"-\"2018 Bill\" to view.


The front page of the bill shows the number of days you open Alipay in the middle of the night in 2018, showing the total consumption of the year to pull down, as well as the consumption level leading xx% of your peers. In the subdivision of the bill, Alipay counted nine eldest son's bill, including: living expenses, food, transportation travel, communication logistics, housing payment, sports health, culture and education entertainment, clothing and beauty, and other consumption. In addition, the total bill also provides financial benefits, transfers and red envelopes, while showing the number of sesame credit compliance and environmental reduction in carbon emissions.


I don't know if this year is still in the form of 2018 annual bills issued? But looking at the release of this year's double 11, perhaps this year you'll see a more \"leathery\" Alipay, and you'll find your long-hidden little thoughts in the bill. No matter how the Alipay bill appears in front of everyone, it is this \"see you on Monday\" has made many people raise \"vigilance \", after all, do not know whether they accidentally bought the wrong thing, sent to what they cannot remember where to send the express. But how much money did you spend? It's plain.


In fact, in addition to Alipay annual bills, you may be about to receive the annual bills sent by the major banks, they will be in your unexpected way, count your preferences, your favorites and loved ones, after all, who will give money to spend, it is really not clear.


Now isn't it a little stressful to get the annual bills? Don't be afraid, you may continue to chop hands in 2020, then accept the reality: look at the bill, I am really a good rich person.