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“We are ready to embrace peace." U.S. President Donald Trump delivers a national address at the White House after Iran attacked a U.S. military base in Iraq on the morning of Aug. The short 10-minute speech delivered many messages. Mr Trump's central message is that the United States will not use its troops, telling Iranians and Iranian leaders that "we are ready to embrace peace." Compared with his previous remarks that "iranian retaliation would strike 52 iranian targets ", the nearly "180-degree turn" speech impressed the public. How do American politicians, foreign media and netizens comment on his speech?


“Last night, along with President Donald Trump, he was in the war room to hear reports of Iranian missile strikes on U.S. military installations in Iraq. Because of President Trump's decisive action, America is now safer and stronger. On the night of 8 local time, Vice President Pence tweeted a photo of himself in the war room the night before with Trump of Iran's attack on a U.S. military base, complete with the tweet.


“A wonderful speech," commented Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, on Trump's 8th speech.


The 《's american newspaper today quoted mr. graham as saying he supported additional sanctions against iran, but said the president had the right to respond by force if u.s. forces were needed.


“To the Iranian people and the Iranian regime: He (Trump) gave you a chance for a peaceful settlement. He gave you a chance for peace and prosperity, and you should seize it. said Graham.


In the view of Senator James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, Trump's act of deterrence against Iran is why Iran \"chose not to escalate further.\"


\"Whether or not Iran seizes the opportunity for this negotiation, President Trump has put us in the strongest position between us and Iran in decades by killing Suleimani,\" Inhofe wrote in a statement.


Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, had been an outspoken critic of Trump's decision to kill Suleimani, though he was \"delighted\" by Trump's eight-day speech, which he thought appeared to support the idea of \"preferred avenues for no further military action.\"


” Any further decision on military operations will require full debate and congressional authorization." "We should work together for peace and prosperity, avoid war and let our troops return from the Middle East," Paul said.


《 The American newspaper today said that while Republicans thought Trump's speech was an indication that he was avoiding an escalation of the war, some Democrats didn't seem to think so, and they felt Trump had created the crisis from the start.


“You [Trump] can't claim to want a downgrade and then announce new sanctions without a clear target." Tom Steyer, Trump's opponent and billionaire running for the Democratic presidential nomination, criticized Trump's "recklessness" as the root cause of American lives and called "sanctions economic war."


Neither the United States nor Iran wants the conflict to escalate, said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. 鈥淭he war with Iran and its agents is not the answer. I urge Iran to accept President Trump's proposal for dialogue and to work with us on common goals," Feinstein said in a statement. "It's time for diplomacy. Nothing else makes sense.


Britain's Guardian newspaper reported on Sunday that Trump abandoned further military confrontation with Iran. It comes days after escalating tensions in the Middle East, with Trump's remarks following the attack on U.S. military bases apparently more defiant than his provocative statement and tweet content following the killing of Suleimani.


Trump has threatened to bomb iranian targets, including iranian cultural sites, if iran responds after mr. suleimani, a brigade commander of the islamist revolutionary guard, was killed by u.s. air strikes.


The 《 guardian also said on the 8th that although the u. s. and iranian sides in the short-term exit from the confrontation, but some analysts warned that the confrontation between the two countries may continue through agents in the middle east.


Trump said in his speech on the 8th that the United States does not have to hit back at Iran's attacks on U.S. military bases. Trump said no Americans were injured in the attack from Iran.


Now, reuters reports, the united states and iran have shown willingness to avoid further conflict. Trump's comments on the 8th have tempered days of angry rhetoric, suggesting Iran is \"pulling back\" after firing missiles at a U.S. military base in Iraq overnight as both sides look to defuse the crisis over the U.S. killing of an Iranian general, Reuters said.


The Washington Post reported in the headlines on Trump's speech on 8: Trump said \"the United States is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it,\" and that the United States and Iran\" retreat \"from the looming conflict.


The 《 Washington Post said the Iranian attack on the U.S. military base in Iraq did not cause casualties and concerns about the war eased, but that the House of Representatives would vote to limit Trump's war powers.


“After tearing up Obama's'Iranian script,' Trump soon put it together again. U.S." Politicians "News Network on the 8th so ridiculed now Trump on the issue of conflict with Iran attitude change.


The 《 news network argues that mr. trump's attitude toward iran has changed a lot. The politician's news network said President Trump had made an exaggerated macho remark about Iran in the first place, but he ended it with concessions, sounding more like his predecessor (Obama).


According to 《's news network, a complete shift in mr. trump's attitude is typical of mr. trump's style, first by ramping up tough language and then by backing down in a conciliatory tone. The style has also left some of his allies and opponents reeling, who are still trying to figure out what the US president is about to end his third term.