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In an old house on the 39th floor of Henan Agricultural University, there are no modern furnishings. When the owner of the house appeared, you couldn't see that the plain-dressed old man had hundreds of millions! But what you don't think is that not long ago, the old man donated all 82.08 million yuan of his life's scientific research savings to school.


“Wang Zelin can make money! This was said back in the 1980s. To ask Wang Zelin what is the secret of making money, there is a vivid metaphor - he became a "protective umbrella" for the chicken baby!


China is the world's largest poultry country, and epidemic disease has always been the biggest challenge to poultry industry and food safety in China. In the early period of reform and opening up, intensive domestic breeding industry, frequent outbreaks of old diseases such as chicken plague, avian influenza, bursal diseases and other new diseases have been introduced, which seriously endanger the development of poultry industry in China. Because of the technical bottleneck, the vaccine used in chicken farm and laying hens farm in China mainly depends on import, and a large amount of foreign exchange flows into the pockets of the international poultry epidemic prevention giant every year.


Who can break this situation, who can bring great economic benefits to our country's poultry breeding industry, many people work tirelessly for it. In early 1984, when Wang Zelin came to Henan Agricultural University, the direction of scientific research pointed to bird disease prevention. Unlike many others, mr. wang has been innovating for a long time, taking the form of cooperation with the enterprise to realize the rolling development.


For 35 years, without applying to the state for funding, wang zelin's scientific innovation has been triumphant. It has obtained three patents for invention and 12 new veterinary drug certificates.It has presided over the establishment of a major avian virus germplasm resource bank, established a research and development platform for concentrated and inactivated joint vaccine, broke the monopoly of foreign countries, completely solved the new high-efficiency chicken Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease and other major avian disease epidemic prevention problems, and has been praised as \"supporting a domestic umbrella for Chinese chicken babies \", and therefore, individuals and teams have won the second prize for national scientific and technological progress.


At the same time, the efficiency of scientific research transformation is increasing. From 1985 to 1995, when the \"ten thousand yuan households\" were remarkable, Wang Zelin gradually accumulated more than 4 million yuan in the form of classes, diagnosis and treatment of poultry diseases, laboratory tests and services for rural farmers.


In early 2014, learning that Professor Wang Zelin's team was going to develop a new vaccine, four companies immediately funded 19.5 million yuan to fund only one - with results preferred.


Each of Wang's studies has been closely followed by production needs, and his scientific achievements have resulted in large-scale production in more than 20 famous biological products factories throughout the country, with a conversion rate of 100% and an average annual economic benefit of more than 10 billion yuan for the society, enabling hundreds of millions of chickens and babies to grow healthily and become reassuring meat at the table of the people.


The river is full of rivers. As an \"umbrella\" for chicken babies, Wang Zelin and his institute for poultry diseases have been paying nearly 100 million yuan, and two other listed companies have been paying Wang Zelin and Henan Agricultural University for 12 consecutive years for using Wang Zelin's patented technology.


At the time of earning the first 4 million yuan, Wang Zelin used the money to gradually build two experimental buildings for the school, and purchased the most advanced high-speed centrifuges, low-speed and large-capacity centrifuges, concentrators, freeze-drying machines and other advanced instruments and equipment in the province at that time. He has now donated all of it to the Academy of Pastoral Engineering for discipline development.


After the Wenchuan earthquake of 2008, Wang Zelin, who was back from a business trip, went straight to the college and took out only 2000 yuan of cash left on his body to the college leaders. Back home, he immediately asked his wife to raise 200,000 yuan in cash to donate to the school, which was the largest individual donation in Henan.


In particular, Wang encouraged young scientists to join the cause of bird disease prevention, donated 2.3 million yuan to improve the scientific research conditions of poultry disease institutes, donated 1 million yuan to set up an innovation fund for the Avian Disease Branch of the China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association, and donated two enterprises to set up a research innovation fund for the use of patents for 12 consecutive years.


Not long ago, Wang went to school again, insisting on donating all 82.08 million yuan of his life's research income to the school, hoping to build a high level of biosafety level 3 laboratory, commonly known as the P3 laboratory in the industry.


\"The P3 laboratory will be epoch-making for the development of the relevant disciplines of Henan Agricultural University, and I hope to use this money where it needs to play its due role as soon as possible,\" Mr Wang said.


In this way, Wang Zelin worked all his life, made many achievements that many scientists could not reach, and gained the wealth that many people could not reach, but he just waved his sleeve and did not hesitate to \"donate naked \".


Mr.“'s treatment of money made me feel polarised, he legally received tens of millions of dollars to donate without blinking, but on a business trip to stay out for dinner, a few tens of dollars he wants to take seriously!"


This is the feeling of Li Ming, vice president of the College of Animal Husbandry and Medical Engineering of Henan Agricultural University, and the consensus of all those who have contacted Mr. Wang Zelin -\" Mr. Wang is too harsh on himself!\"


Mr. kan has been working with mr. wang for years, as she recalls, when mr. wang was invited to the national bird disease conference to give a report, still wearing old clothes,\" the two sleeves of autumn clothes are worn out, the collar is also loose.\"


Wang Zelin replied,\" I have been a doctor of horses and pigs all my life. I have been a doctor of chickens for decades. The key is to delay work!


There is no word \"enjoy\" in Wang Zelin's dictionary. The 77-year-old has stuck to the principle of not riding a bike, not riding a bus, not taking a taxi.


The word "“stingy "also often reached Wang Zelin's ear, he always smiled. When he was talking about taking a train trip with him and bringing a pony with him, he smiled and said," That's when I started a business. Now I'm flying too!"


Wang Zelin was born in Suzhou in 1942. He grew up in great hardship and has been relying on his brother-in-law Zhao Furen Zhou Ji. At the age of 14, Zhao Furen joined the Red Army, which was an old revolution that experienced the baptism of the War of Resistance against Japan, the War of Liberation and the War of resisting US aggression and Aid Korea, and was also a hero and example in Wang Zelin's heart. Wang Zelin said,\" at that time, my brother-in-law took care of a large family, life is not easy, but he is strict with himself, hard work style let me deeply educated. \".


Wang Zelin's predicament only improved slightly after being admitted to the Beijing Agricultural College, but the habit of frugality was branded deep into memory. According to lover wang wumei recalled: married a few days, found that wang ze lin wearing cotton pants unexpectedly \"with a dozen patches!\"


Because of the deep experience of the difficult period, wang ze-lin has developed the concept of a grain of rice cannot be wasted since childhood, but also set up the \"daze and help the world\" concept of sharing.


On the eve of National Day, Wang Zelin was awarded with its outstanding contribution to the prevention and epidemic prevention of poultry diseases in China with the``70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China'' . At the symposium, he spoke most of gratitude to the Communist Party, to New China, to schools and to others.


In particular, mr. wang brought up the details of the liberation of suzhou in april 1949, when seven-year-old mr. wang opened his house in the morning and found \"many liberation troops were sleeping by the road and under the eaves \".


From then on, the image of the Communist Party and the PLA were towering in his heart and revered to this day. For more than half a century, Wang Zelin witnessed the earth-shaking of the country and felt the freshness of the nation. He used to say,\" Whenever I see the progress of my country and the improvement of people's living standards, I always feel great joy and joy!\"


For the achievements, Wang Zelin modestly said:\" My achievements are achieved under certain historical conditions, without reform and opening up, without the support of schools and colleges, without the efforts of everyone, it is impossible to achieve. These new technologies have broken the market monopoly of foreign vaccines and reduced the production costs of our country's related industries.


For nearly 100 million yuan of research conversion funds \"naked donation \", wang ze-lin's reason is very simple:\" I am old, but the cause of scientific research must be followed, this money only to use more needy places to have value.\"


This is Wang Zelin, a lifetime of unremitting struggle for our country's poultry industry, so far, a lifetime of scientific research to make a great contribution to society but always said \"not enough,\" a lifetime of scientific transformation of the huge wealth donated, a lifetime of\" ascetic \"but said that his work is his greatest happiness, public welfare is his greatest satisfaction.